Hi there! I’m Greta and I am a South African born photographer with a passion for telling stories through my photographic work.

Born in a small coastal town in South Africa, I now live in the beautiful Oberfranken district of Germany. I can be roughly defined by the three equally important titles: Mom, Wife, Photographer. When I am not being consumed by my love of photography, I can be found covered in (mostly healthy) toddler food, tea stains and/or vivid crayon shades. I am married to a saint of a man who supports me so much in our home and also on my photography adventure and I am ever grateful for our little gang of three.

As a photographer I am a lover of the simple things – the truth and beauty of a moment are what I am after and I try to keep things as natural as possible. With the slightest bit of prompting, I encourage my clients to interact naturally and then proceed to capture the magic and essence which is them. Think cuddles and giggles and tender embraces – my prompts may sound weird at times but the results are always worth it! My editing has quite a neutral film-inspired style, with a hint of drama whenever the right lighting and mood are present. If you came here looking for squeaky clean, Photoshop-polished images then we probably wouldn’t be a good fit – I am personally not a fan of over-editing, and to my photographic soul the moment is everything…

I offer a variety of services, from weddings to lifestyle sessions, so if you are fun-loving and easygoing and are in search of someone to tell your authentic story, have a look at my portfolio and feel free to get in touch!



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