Cindi, Ella & Kate – Mommy & Me Session

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24 November 2018, Footprints Beach

As mothers we love our little ones to bits, and yet we never seem to have any good photos of them with ourselves in it. I’m a mom, I get it. We are either too busy “momming” or we procrastinate because of the way we (think we) look – or both! “One of these days we’ll get to it” or “once I have lost 10 kilograms” are excuses I myself have used in the past, and I am here to tell you as both a mother and a photographer: do not put off having photos taken with your kids.

Cindi is a dear friend and I was so thrilled when she decided to have a session done with her daughters. Knowing that Cindi is – like myself – slightly camera shy, I decided on doing a very low-key beach shoot where I could capture Ella and Kate running wild as well as grab a few candid shots of Mom playing with her girls. These photos have made my heart so happy – they are a perfect representation of this little gang and the strong bond they share and the fact that this shoot was drenched in a golden African sunset certainly doesn’t hurt!

So there it is. A photo session like this doesn’t have to be about uncomfortable poses and unnecessary planning and props. It’s all about being yourselves and having someone capture those priceless moments which are perfectly you in every single way. Moments so tender and precious they should never fade from memory. Take the plunge and have some photos taken with your little ones – they won’t stay little forever, and you’ll thank yourself for taking the plunge.

View the full shoot on my portfolio

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